Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the club located?
The hangar owned by Aero Fliers is located at the Akron Fulton Airport (KAKR) in Akron, Ohio.  The Aero Fliers hangar is at the North end of the field, close to Summit Air.

How do I schedule an aircraft for use?
The club uses an on-line scheduling system, Flight Schedule Pro.  As a member you are provided access which will allow you to schedule the aircraft at your convenience.

Are you able to take the aircraft for an extended trip?
As a member, the aircraft are available for you whether it is for a short practice flight, lessons, or an extended trip cross country for a long vacation.  

How am I charged for the use of an aircraft?
Flying time is based on the Tachometer.  Members are billed monthly for their dues and flying time.  Payment is expected by the 15th of each month.

Do I pay for fuel?
No, the club rates are "wet rates", meaning the fuel cost is part of the hourly rate.


I need an instructor, what do I do?
The club has private contractor instructors available with the ability to  provide training ranging from primary student through all the advanced ratings.  We do not set the instructor's hourly rate, but they are currently charging about $35/hr.

I am a student pilot, can I still join?
Yes, the club is a very affordable way to learn, with readily available aircraft and instructors.  Plus, once your get your license you will already be part of an organization with aircraft you to enjoy you new skill.


Can I use instructors from outside the club?

No, for insurance reasons, the instructors must be affiliated with the club. 

Do I need to carry insurance?

Your decision to carry flying insurance and how much is a personal one.  As a member, your monthly dues provide you with the maximum coverage available.  Your insurance coverage with the club is not renter's insurance, it is owner’s insurance.  As a member, you are part owner of all three aircraft.