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BATD Simulator

The CAT III Desktop BATD system built by Precision Flight Controls builds upon the CAT II system with added features like manual/electric trim wheel, panel surface lighting, digital clock/timer and more. The inclusion of the Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS) as a standard feature provides complete control of the simulation. The system has the ability to log instrument experience (currency).  The following link is the formal manual for the simulator.  Precision Flight Controls Cat III Simulator

BATD at Aero Fliers hangar

N633AF simulator up and running at our hangar

Logging flight time in a simulator

General Rules


  • Simulator time is just that simulator time. Do not count it towards total flight time. 

  • As a CFI, log it as 100% dual given. It does not count towards total flight time.

  • When you log the approaches, holding, and intercept/tracking for your 6HITS (holding procedures & tasks, instrument approaches, Intercepting and tracking courses):

    • You do not have to have a CFII present

    • You MUST set the weather below VFR for it to count

  • Some of the training you are doing the simulator can count towards a rating.   The LOA (Letter of Authorization) from the FAA to Precision Flight Controls provides specific details. This document should be printed to have on hand before any check ride.

  • To log flight time follow the below example as it fits in your log book



Can I do an IPC in a simulator? 

         Part of it, yes. The circle to land MUST be done in the aircraft

Can I do a flight review in a simulator?


Can I log my 3 landings day/night in the simulator?

Not in a BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) or AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device.

For my 6HITS to count do they have to be in category and class of my rating?


Should I log time in the SEL/MEL DAY/NIGHT columns?

         No, that is for the actual aircraft

What do I have to show my examiner for a check ride?

Log the BATD/AATD type you are “flying”. You should also have a copy of the LOA letter available to show them. 

What is the main difference between a BATD and an AATD?

The biggest difference is you cannot log any time towards the commercial rating in the BATD. Other than that, just follow the LOA. 

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