June Update

Well, we’ve been busy.  The online scheduling program has seen a lot of flying lately.

As part of our Strategic Planning session, we had determined the priority was another aircraft to keep up with the growing membership.  A close second was upgrading the existing aircraft.  At the Spring Hangar Cleanup, it was determined that both priorities are just about equal based upon membership feedback.  We are actively pursuing both simultaneously.  Look for more to come on this very active topic.

On August 8th, we’ve blocked out all three aircraft for a social cross country flight.  The activity is sponsored by the EAA chapter at FKL and is called Wings and Wheels.  It is gathering of both collectible cars and aircraft.  We will be rotating through the even with 3 time blocks planned to permit as much attendance as possible.  I will be handling flight ops for the event from the hangar at AKR.

Contact the club vice-president via e-mail, phone (330)606-4255, or find us on Facebook