Logging flight time in a simulator


General Rules


  • Simulator time is just that simulator time. Do not count it towards total flight time. 

  • As a CFI, log it as 100% dual given. It does not count towards total flight time.

  • When you log the approaches, holding, and intercept/tracking for your 6HITS (holding procedures & tasks, instrument approaches, Intercepting and tracking courses):

    • You do not have to have a CFII present

    • You MUST set the weather below VFR for it to count

  • Some of the training you are doing the simulator can count towards a rating.   The LOA (Letter of Authorization) from the FAA to Precision Flight Controls provides specific details. 

  • To log flight time follow the below example as it fits in your log book





Can I do an IPC in a simulator? 

         Part of it, yes. The circle to land MUST be done in the aircraft

Can I do a flight review in a simulator?


Can I log my 3 landings day/night in the simulator?

Not in a BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) or AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device.

For my 6HITS to count do they have to be in category and class of my rating?


Should I log time in the SEL/MEL DAY/NIGHT columns?

         No, that is for the actual aircraft

What do I have to show my examiner for a check ride?

Log the BATD/AATD type you are “flying”. You should also have a copy of the LOA letter available to show them. 

What is the main difference between a BATD and an AATD?

The biggest difference is you cannot log any time towards the commercial rating in the BATD. Other than that, just follow the LOA.