Aero Fliers, Inc.
For over 70 year Aero Fliers has been the premier flying club in Northeast, Ohio.  Based at the Akron Fulton Airport
(AKR), our hanger is located at the north end of the field off of Municipal Service Center Road by the FBO.  Aero
Fliers owns a Cessna 172 Skyhawk, a Cessna 182 Skylane, and a Beechcraft Debonair with all three airplanes
being IFR certified, protected by our own hanger and available through an on-line scheduling system.  The club
offers instructors that can take a pilot from a beginner with no experience through the ratings to Airline Transport
The purpose of AeroFliers, Inc. is to provide
its members the means of obtaining
educational and proficiency flying time based
on four major concepts:

  • Safe Operation
  • Low overall cost including initial
    membership fee, per hour flying rate,
    growth and improvement costs.
  • Maximize flying time availability per
    member including schedule flexibility.
  • Equipment quality, quality and versatility
    based upon Club membership and
    financial growth.
The Hanger of Aero Fliers, Inc. at the Akron-Fulton Airport in Akron, Ohio
Aero Fliers, Inc.
P. O. Box 2213
Akron, Ohio 44309
Aero Fliers is a great place to learn to fly or to add ratings.  For many decades, Aero Fliers has trained many pilots
from their very first flight all the way to ATP, Airline Transport Pilot, with many Instrument and Commercial ratings
earned along the way.

A major benefit to the student at Aero Fliers is the experience and stability of the instructors.  Both CFI’s of Aero
Fliers have over 65 years of combined experience.  A student pilot can rest assured that he or she will not need to
start with a new CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) in the middle of training because the CFI was hired by a Regional
airline.  Additionally, the CFI's of Aero Flier are instrument instructors and can work with students on attaining
advanced ratings.

The Beech Debonair owned by Aero Fliers has a retractable landing gear and meets all of the requirements of
complex aircraft to fulfill the requirements necessary for achieving a commercial rating.
A Flying Club in Northeast Ohio for Over 71 Years
Aero Fliers is a Great Place to Learn to Fly
Getting Started
The first thing to do, after an introductory flight, is to schedule a flight physical
with an AME, an Aviation Medical Examiner. An AME is an ordinary doctor who
is authorized by the FAA to conduct medical examines and issue Student Pilot
Licenses. That’s right, your first pilot license comes from the doctor! Go to: to find an AME near you and schedule a

You can fly with an instructor before you get a Student Pilots License, but you
can’t fly by without an instructor (solo). Soloing is the big ego boost you get
when you, for the first time take off and (hopefully) land an aircraft by yourself,
with no one in the plane but you.  It is an exiting experience that you will always
remember. But, before a student pilot can sole it is necessary to get a Student
Pilot's License from an AME.  Contact Aero Fliers to schedule an introductory
flight and don't delay in getting you Student Pilot's License.